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Did you know that 700-900 dolphins live in the Indian River Lagoon and that 1/3 of the nation’s manatee population lives here or migrates here seasonally. The lagoon also has one of the most diverse bird populations anywhere in America.

Relax in comfort aboard and explore all that our New 2024 25 foot Luxury Faster boat. DolFun Tours’ US Coast Guard Master, Captain Bob, guides guests on treks along the Indian River, sailing around Merritt Island’s Dragon Point past Eau Gallie Yacht Club and Historic Mathers Turn Bridge.

Rated ★★★★★ By Travelers

Fun & Informative!

"We went this past Saturday and had an excellent time. We saw lots of sea life, including dolphins, pelicans, and herons. The captain was informative, and also had a great sense of humor. I’ve seen all these places from land, and it was great to get the perspective from being on the river."

– Tracye A. Tripadvisor
Dolphin Galore!

"I go on this tour at least four times a year and every single time it is a pleasure of my grand children and they love it. Captain is always amazing. He’s funny so knowledgeable absolutely love the screws I suggested to anyone who wants to go on it it’s a it’s a must, this particular trip we saw so many dolphins they were frolicking pretty sure it was mating season and it was so much fun. Thank you captain for such a great journey, and making memories with my grandchildren."

– Renee E. Tripadvisor
Fabulous Tour!

"Our party had the best time. This tour is the perfect amount of time to just relax and enjoy the river. We saw plenty of dolphins, birds and sites along the river. My family, being from Melbourne was impressed with the tour guide's knowledge and we even learned some new things about the area."

– Amy W. Tripadvisor
Awesome Trip!

"We took our 93year old mother on this trip to see the dolphins in January 2023. We all really enjoyed it. The captain was very knowledgeable and showed us over 30 dolphins and lots of birds! The pelicans from Canada were cool! It was very relaxing and a great trip! This is our 2nd Dolfun tour and we would still go again! We highly recommend it ! The kids on the boat were thrilled with the tour too! It was well worth the cost of the trip! The boat was on time and easy to find too!"

– David D. Tripadvisor